Shiny Object Theology®

original_shiny-object-syndromeWhile I’m no longer a bishop, I still have ideas floating around in my head. I’ve come up with a TRECesque proposal:  That the church just is not doing enough research into Shiny Object Theology®. <— See that symbol there? I’ve registered the term SOT®, by the way.


I think we need to crank up the level of distractions into new directions and themes and liturgical experiments a little higher. We’re just too focused on following Jesus, it seems to me.


Well, that’s it. I’ve been in denial for so long and put up with so much that I was blinded to the truth that was happening. After over 5 years with a giant monkey on my back, I finally was able to shed it. The EA meetings were successful and I walked away, clean and ready to do stuff. 

But of course, that didn’t last long. We ran into a brick wall. In fact, several brick walls, a few boneheads, and some really dangerous people.

The truth is that I’ve wasted 15 years in complete denial to how bad things were and now I am ready to walk away completely.

I’ve had it with the political mess that is TEC. And that’s even without the magnificent waste of money that General Convention will be. It’s time to curl up on the old dog’s couch and start unfriending, unfollowing, and unsubscribing to the grand circus of online Episcopal nonsense. It won’t happen overnight. It won’t happen in a month, and maybe not even in a year. But the old dog finally has gotten smart in the ways of the machines around us and the tragic lack of leadership up and down the chains. I don’t know if my blogging is back. It’s always been a way to have a laugh and get rid of some anger and demons.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it any more.

And I’ll leave it to the reader (and I think at this point that’s probably all that follow me, or maybe it’s even a slight exaggeration) to figure out what FTC stands for.

Oh, and I’ve resigned as bishop as well, so just call me Ozzie from now on.



Harumph! Not my best side….





A guest post from my beautiful English daughter Bramble: “Thanks to K W-R…”

Across the Rainbow Bridge



Goodbye, little guy… you were so sweet and gentle.

The feline in question…


Prayers for the little guy…


Just Chilling


Bramble sends love out to all her feline and canine friends!

But especially to a little kitty fighting for his life. Blessings to him as he gets in line for crossing the bridge…

Clumber's Pawmark

Dear Dad! Much News!

Dear Dad,

I’m so sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been very busy with school and Christmas festivities. Here’s two cute pictures Katharine took of me:

Photo by katharinewelby-3

I was a bit naughty that day! But you can see how big I am getting! I’m really trying, dad, to be a good dog, but there are temptations, just as you told me about! Is this that sin you were talking about on the phone?

Dad, I have another big surprise for you too. Please sit down, and understand that I am a very young dog. I’ve been mislead, hoodwinked, as you Americans like to say. I’ve just this week found out (by reading Katharine’s excellent twitter feed) that I am a girl! Wait, I’ll find the tweet…

Bramble ate the squeaky bit
out of her toy. I tried squeezing
her tummy, but I couldn’t
hear it. Maybe when it gets
lower down…..

Oops, maybe that wasn’t the best tweet to include here. I’m really sorry I ate the squeaky bit. Really really sorry… but I’m a girl dog, not a boy dog! This might change everything between us, as I know how badly you wanted a son, but I shall always love you, dad, no matter what.
Between the onion and the squeaky toy the family thinks I might have an eating disorder, whatever that is… I know that I have pretty bad breath and a bit of gas!
Well, I must go. Between the onion and the squeaking, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.
Your loving daughter,
Clumber's Pawmark

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